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A Refreshing Idea

BeanBag Café CIC is a social enterprise.
Our purpose is to help and equip community groups to start and successfully run sustainable community-oriented coffee bars, coffee shops and cafés.

We understand how the medium of food and drink can be used to deliver social impact through attracting and engaging with the local community and specific client groups in a relevant, meaningful and mission-appropriate way.

Our aim is to provide you with all the advice, mentoring, resources and support you need to independently open and successfully run a sustainable community-oriented café or similar facility.

We have considerable experience from working in commercial coffee shops and starting, running and supporting multiple cafés designed to deliver social impact. We particularly work with individuals, community groups, charities and other organisations and agencies who have an idea or have identified a need to start a ‘community café’ but who do not have previous experience in this field. We also offer support to those who are already running community cafés, but who may be struggling to sustain them.

Check out our unique ‘Menu’ to see the various ways we can help and support you.

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