Taste the Difference


If you feel a passion to help people and believe that using or providing good quality food and drink in a community-focused way can make a difference, then we can help. Check out our ‘uniquely prepared’ list of advice and support options which we can tailor to help you get up and running quickly, easily and confidently. Start something new and refreshing! The outcome can include, for example, a professional espresso-based speciality drinks offer plus snacks or food with the consistency and quality of high street coffee shop chains, whether it is a coffee cart, take away service or a multi-table eat-in café.

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BeanBag Café CIC is a social enterprise which helps individuals, community groups and other organisations start and run community café projects, especially where there is no existing expertise on your team. We have particular expertise in ventures which have volunteer involvement, provide training and work experience or pop-up in community buildings or other venues.

Our team has many years combined experience in a variety of permanent and semi-permanent commercial and community café settings plus over 25 years corporate business experience. We draw on the resources in our COMMUNITY CAFÉ BLUEPRINT to give you and your team the confidence to plan, create, operate and sustain impactful food and drink related ventures.

We charge a simple day rate according to your needs and can assist with….

  • Business Planning & Funding
  • Roles, Responsibilities and Rota Management
  • Food Management & Food Hygiene
  • Equipment Options & Sourcing
  • Menu Development
  • Set Up, Opening and Closing procedures and other checklists
  • Stock Control, Shopping Lists, Suppliers
  • Developing an Events Programme
  • EPOS, Finances and Money Management
  • Monitoring, Impact Measurement and Reporting
  • Branding, Signage & Publicity
  • Launch day Support
  • Ongoing support (telephone or on site)
  • Sustainability Issues Management