Paying the Bill

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BeanBag Cafe can work with current or new projects as consultants in order to support you in running in a sustainable and potentially profitable way. Like almost any new enterprise or project, there will be start-up costs before you can start trading although our expectation is that your community café will become fully sustainable from the ongoing income generated. Depending on the nature and scale of your project there may also be surpluses (profits) to develop your project further, general income for other causes, remunerate any paid staff or to repay loans if that proved necessary to start-up.

As well as keeping our costs low and our packages simple, we can also give you some support in getting your finances organised. This can include:

  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Income and Expenditure Projections
  • Advice on potential Funding Sources
  • Renting, leasing or outright purchase options

Depending on how much help you need, we may have to charge a little extra for this service.

Business Plan