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Many of our clients already have community-facing premises or have identified a venue which lends itself to a community café project. Rents and running costs could be at usual commercial rates or maybe there are advantageous or peppercorn charges because of the social value that a new community café will add to the building, existing programmes and the wider community.

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Using spare capacity in a charity building, community centre, church, library, bookshop or other venue can create a vibrant and welcoming environment that people will really enjoy visiting, receive support or from where other social outcomes can be delivered. Whether it’s a commercial style café in a high street setting, a pop-up just one day a week in a community hall, or a semi-permanent installation open multiple days, we can help you get up and running quickly and easily.

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In rural settings, in particular, community cafés have much broader appeal than the traditional ‘coffee mornings’, which tend to cater for discrete groups, mainly citizens in later life. We believe many organisations can start and run sustainable cafés, which will improve the lives not only of one particular demographic, but the whole local community. Community Cafés are particularly relevant and sustainable in rural and semi-urban communities, which increasingly lack local facilities, but where commercial cafés are not viable. They improve quality of life by providing a meaningful venue/destination for lonely people and those isolated by mobility or transport issues.

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  • They deliver social and community cohesion by having broad appeal and therefore bring together otherwise disparate sectors of the community.
  • They contribute to community development and support by providing a setting in which community groups and statutory agencies can informally or better attract and engage with current and potential service users.
  • They are sustainable through income generated, trainee or volunteer involvement and, where possible, start-up grants or other funding to purchase the equipment and training can be secured.
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